8thirty EV Rescue

M  E  M  B  E  R  S  H  I  P

calling all EV vehicle owners

8Thirty Electric Inc. has been installing EV charging stations of all types since day-one of our inception.  Residential level 2 chargers in garages, front yards, and car ports.  We also install level 2 commercial charging stations in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

From hotel chains to gas stations, apartment communities, public squares and more, we know charging.

But what happens when life happens and you run out of your charge and your vehicle is immobilized?  Let us be your trusted partner to get you back on the road with a fast charge to restore power to your vehicle and get you back on your way.  It's the equivalent of 2 gallons of gas delivered by a tow truck company, but cost less over time than 2-3 tows.

With our proprietary technology for mobile charging, we bring you 8Thirty EV Rescue.

how ev rescue works?

As the EV movement progresses there are more charging stations but not enough.  There are people who drive an EV but are not fully aware of the current vehicle charge amount and the amount of miles the vehicle can travel.

The vehicle may say it has 20 miles left before it needs to charge but that is not accurate if you run the headlights, air condition, gps and radio. The vehicle will go as long as possible, just like a portable drill until it can't go anymore.

Most EV drivers are immobilized within a few miles of the nearest charging station, or within blocks of their home charger.  This is unfortunate and can be a huge burden on a young teenager driver, elderly person or anyone in a hurry.

So, what if you could call up or request on the forthcoming app an emergency charge for your vehicle, would you be interested?

EV Rescue is similar to a emergency call with AAA. 

However, with AAA there are loads of benefits but a poor quality of service for the EV market. 

Our proprietary system allows us to charge your vehicle onsite where it loses electricity.  We come onsite and provide you a cool, heated or dry location to sit while we charge the vehicle to get it back operational.  No hassle, no fuss and professional company while you charge.

what is the service area?

Beginning February 2024 we will be covering all of Georgia with our mobile charging program.  Memberships are available to our current customers and their families/associates and friends.  If you're reading this, you must have found us through email, social media or a direct call from our office.

No more tows.... Let's get you charged up.....


single charge

$85 prepaid
Call 678-208-3575
or buy online

tier 1 member

$160  (annually)
Call 678-208-3575
or buy online

tier 2 member

$250 (annually)
Call 678-208-3575
or buy online

EV Rescue fleet services

Looking for EV Rescue Fleet pricing?
Call our office and get the best pricing to protect your EV fleet from being stranded or towed due to lack of a sufficient battery charge.


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For more information, call our office: 678-208-3575